Wild Hillfest

Secret festival organised in two neighbouring houses at la Colline (Nancy France), since 2018.

Wild Hillfest 2023

With Amer Béton, Baleine, Eyelid, Marvin Heemeyer, Mik Quantius, Nolam, Plomb, The Third Project

30 september 2023

Wild Hillfest 2022

With Baron Nichts, Cigvë, Circuit Court, De Tekooptehuuren, Fear of Tomorrow, Les Dents de la Meurthe, Mandale, Paper Planes, Peignoir Tapis, Space Alone, Tequilasavate, Whales at the Crossroads

1 and 2 october 2022

Wild Hillfest 2021 / The Weird Edition

With !Ayya!, Chaleur Tournante, Death Whore, Dorr, Eyelid, Fleo, La Petite Fosse, MoYan, Senestra, You Freud, Me Jane

From 30 september to 2 october 2021


Wild Hillfest 2020 / Postponed due to Covid

With !Ayya!, Baron Nichts, Chaleur Tournante, Death Whore, Dorr, Eyelid, Fleo, Kürtz, Maxime Tisserand, MoYan, Peignoir Tapis, Senestra, You Freud, Me Jane

Postponed to 2021

Wild Hillfest 2019

With Automnia, HJ Ayala, Carmen Colère, Eyelid, heklAa, Metanoïa, Mohawk, Nid’Poul, Paper Planes, PRMNTR, 2nd Cockpit and Wheelfall.

5 and 6 october 2019

Wild Hillfest 2018

With Anozel, Benzodiazepine, Greta, Mouche-toi !, Nanorisk Akatsuki, Ohtakekohhan and Tolstoi.

6 october 2018

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